Natural body cream which, thanks to the action of its components, moisturizes the skin, promoting its tone.



Light and easily absorbed, rich in vegetable substances with high emollient and calming activity. Without parabens and petroleum derivatives, it contains a natural fragrance and cold-extracted vegetable oils that hydrate and nourish the skin. The active cosmetic substances present in the treatment, elastin and collagen, are carried in depth by liposomes, which are carrier structures that allow the active substances to be released in the deeper layers of the skin. The mix of powerful antioxidant and moisturizing substances provided with the
treatment such as Aloe and hyaluronic acid help moisturize the deeper layers of the epidermis, promoting the appearance of a
more toned and compact skin.
The product is therefore indicated to slow down the skin withering  processes due to both external environmental factors and the natural aging process. Recommended for delicate and sensitive skin that reddens easily.

Functional substances:
• Borage oil
• Hypericum extract
• Aloe
• Liposomes Collagen
• Liposomes Elastin
• Burdock extract
• Vitamin E

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Instructions for use
  • Massage the product gently on the body every day.
  • Use the product after 48 hours post body roller treatment