Body Roller is an efficient tool for treating the most common body imperfections such as stretch marks, cellulite and fat.

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Body Roller, combined with different phialoids for the body, is an innovative system for the treatment of the main imperfections of the body, such as stretch marks, cellulite and fat.

  • During the treatment, use only Rigenera products.
  • Not recommended treatment during pregnancy.
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Instructions for use
  • Exfoliate the body with Regenerate Body Scrub;
  • Proceed with the passage of the Body Roller on the imperfection in all directions (vertical, horizontal, right diagonal and left diagonal)
  • Apply the Rigenera phialoid according to the type of imperfection to be treated;
  • Do not rinse
  • After 48 hours, apply the final cream according to the blemish to be treated.
  • Keep out of reach of children;
  • It contains Nichel;
  • Use on healthy skin;
  • Clean the dermaroller after every use;
  • Only for personal use, don't share with other people;
  • The use of irritating cosmetics it is forbidden before the skin healing.