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Rigenera Beard Kit contains:

  • 1 Rigenera 0.1
  • 1 Dermastamp
  • 1 Box “Hair Cocktail” phialoid


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From Rigenera Laboratories comes the solution! Do you suffer from thinning? Do you have sparse areas?

The solution for you i s the needling treatment with our Rigenera products!
Thanks to the skin biostimulation and the delivery of the HAIR COCKTAIL phialoid, you will see results on follicle growth after just one month of treatments. With the using of the dermastamp we will work on the microcirculation’s stimulation and thanks to the active ingredients contained in the phialoid, such as the B vitamins and nicotinic acid, the final results will be surprising!

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Instruction for use
  • Wash the beard with Rigenera 0.1;
  • Use the dermastamp on the beard;
  • Apply the "Hair Cocktail" phialoid;
  • Repeat the procedure with the dermastamp one time every 15 days;
  • Always and only use Rigenera products on the skin.